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Ethnocultural association of Ukrainians celebrates Nauryz

by March 21, 2017 Health

The public association “Society of Ukrainians “Obereg” of the city of Astana was established in 2003. This was an important decision for Ukrainians living in the capital of Kazakhstan.

“The name of the association contains an important meaning: “charm” is an object that protects, protects from anything. We have set the goal of our activity to protect our native language from oblivion, to preserve good traditions and customs, and the distinctive culture of the Ukrainian people”, the head of the society “Obereg” noted.

According to her, one of the traditions of the Ukrainians and all the ancient Slavs was the meeting of the new year in March, the day of the vernal equinox. This tradition was associated with the flowering of nature, the increase in the sunny day and the beginning of the sowing season.

“Kazakhstan also celebrates the spring holiday and the renewal of nature – Nauryz. Spring for all ethnic groups in Kazakhstan is the time of revival and renewal, it is time for expectations and hopes for peace between people, for a good harvest, for love and harmony in the family, for the health and happiness of children. Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest traditions, it has been preserved in the people’s memory, and today has acquired a new spiritual and ethical meaning”, the speaker said.

Nowadays, according to T. Shirmer, Nauryz has become an important holiday in the life of all ethnic groups of Kazakhstan, as it favors the unity of the people, strengthens peace and harmony in the society, brings good, love to neighbors and mercy.

“This holiday embodies the good, the creation of good. These days people provide support, try to feed and heat everyone who needs them. The Society of Ukrainians “Obereg” annually participates in a charity event in the Medical and Social Establishment for the elderly and invalids of the city of Astana. Especially for veterans and elderly people in the capital’s nursing home, we bring refreshments, and the participants of the vocal-choreographic ensemble named after N. Litoshko perform the Ukrainian songs”, T. Schirmer said.

On behalf of all representatives of the ethnocultural association “Obereg” she congratulated all the residents of our country on the holiday of Nauryz.

“The Ukrainians, like representatives of other ethnic groups, take part in folk festivals, go to each other’s houses, give presents. Mistresses try to cook traditional Kazakh food, as the food symbolizes prosperity and abundance in the coming year. Let Nauryz strengthen the bonds of friendship, mutual respect and understanding in each family! Let it bring prosperity, happiness and joy to every house!” the Chairman of the society “Obereg” wished.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050