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Equal terms for all medical organizations to be created in health insurance system

by February 18, 2017 Fun

Mr. Birtanov noted that now the Ministry works actively on removing barriers to business, collects offers of the private sector and is always open to a direct dialogue.

“We expect the growth in the share of private providers of medical services both in quantitative and monetary terms. We have a willingness to work out a tariff policy, they must be a substantiated market, take into account your investment, but we will see the cost efficiency through information systems. And do not forget that in a competitive environment, which will increase in the health insurance system, prices will be regulated, it is necessary to find a balance, that hospitals economy has not affected the quality of services and to keep under control”, Ye. Birtanov voiced.

The Health Minister added that at the end of the year under the contracts concluded with the health insurance fund, we will see the complete picture on the share of the private clinics to provide medical aid to the population and to overcome existing barriers.

In turn, the leaders of private hospitals and laboratories expressed support for all initiatives of the Ministry and the willingness to further discuss the issues of cooperation for the acquisition of med

Source: Kazakhtan 2050