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Entrepreneur from Akmola rgn builds houses for villagers

by August 18, 2017 Key Issues

Head of “Svobodnoye” LLP Aleksandr Zakussilov from Sandyktau district of Akmola region is completing a project for the construction of 10 well-equipped houses in the village of Maksimovka for workers of his enterprise this year. The activity of “Svobodnoye” LLP is based on plant growing and animal industry. The farm has more than 1500 breeding cattle.

At the enterprise, Aleksandr Zakussilov employs more than 200 people, some of whom are newcomers. That is why the issue of housing is acute, as there are no free houses in the village. To solve this problem, the company launched a project to build 10 houses in 2015.

“To date, 5 families from among the employees of “Svobodnoye” have already become new settlers of new comfortable houses. Another five apartments are planned to be commissioned before the end of the year”, the RCS reported.

In addition, earlier, on the initiative of Aleksandr Zakussilov 7 cottages were built in the village. After 8 years of work in the village, the head of the enterprise gave up two cottages to a chief doctor of the rural dispensary and a chief engineer of “Svobodnoye” on a free basis.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050