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Thursday, February 21st, 2019

“?ENIZ-2018”: how to stifle a fire, rescue people and provide medical assistance


Rescuers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have arrived in Aktau to participate in the International Complex Training “TENIZ-2018”, which is taking place on the eve of the summit of the Heads of the Caspian states. More than 500 people from four countries, 75 special equipment units, a Be-200 aircraft, six helicopters, as well as four sea-going vessels and seven rescue boat units are involved in the Training. How does the Training hold, which exercises are done? Read in detail in the material of the “” Information Agency.

In addition, representatives of the State of Qatar participate as observers.

The purpose of the Training is to improve the interaction of rescue services of the Caspian states in responding to emergency situations in the water area of the Caspian Sea and the border areas, increasing the effectiveness of the use of forces and assets in their joint actions.

The Training is conducted for the third consecutive year in accordance with Article 4 of the Agreement on Cooperation in the Sphere of Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies in the Caspian Sea. In 2016, the “Caspian-2016” Training was hosted by Russia (Astrakhan). In 2017, similar events of “Khazar-2017” were held in Azerbaijan.

“The International Training conducted in 2017 in Azerbaijan has shown its effectiveness and importance for developing joint exercises, improving skills of our rescuers and jointly responding to emergencies. In recent years, the frequency of occurrence of man-caused emergencies is becoming topical in connection with the intensity of exploitation of oil and gas extraction and processing facilities, as well as accidents on the main oil and gas pipelines. The working out of the issues of joint forces of natural and man-made areas, emergency responses in such cases is of great importance for our countries. And interaction with each other, as well as assistance to other Caspian states, if possible, enables us to solve these tasks at a new level”, Samadaga Samedov, a representative of the Azerbaijani delegation, said.

In the conference hall of the Aktau international seaport, the participants of the event have begun to discuss the strategy of the international emergency response. The emergency operations center has been deployed and situational halls of the Crisis Management Center of the Emergency Situations Commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, Emergency Situations Department of Mangistau region, duty services of the rescue agencies of the Caspian states for working out conditional introductory ones have been involved in the video selector mode.

The Kazakhstan group is headed by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Yury Ilyin, who addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

“Such events allow more closely discuss issues of interaction and exchange of operational information, learn about the latest rescue technologies and modern fire and rescue equipment”, the Deputy Minister said.

The heads of the delegations of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan also spoke.

Within the Training plan, each country has its own scenario of emergencies and practical conditions for working out.

So, the rescuers from Russia deal with the elimination of the release of chemically hazardous substances and fire at a potentially hazardous facility.

The rescuers from Azerbaijan have to tackle the rescue of people in distress at sea.

According to the scenario of the exercises, the Turkmenian rescuers have to rescue people in distress on the water.

The Kazakhstan rescuers also develop skills of rescuing people and providing medical assistance.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050