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“Employment Roadmap 2020” program implementation covers 800 thousand people with state support

by February 9, 2017 Fun

This was announced during a briefing entitled The Results of the Employment Roadmap 2020 program; and a new Program of developing productive employment and mass business at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population by its Deputy Minister Birzhan Nurymbetov.

At the beginning of his speech he recalled that as per instructions given by the Head of State, in 2016 a new Program of developing productive employment and mass business was developed, therefore completing the Employment Roadmap 2020 program (hereinafter � ER2020).

During the implementation of the ER2020 program, from 2011 to 2016, about 800 thousand people were provided with state support, � B. Nurymbetov said.

The Deputy Minister noted that within the framework of the first direction of the program (providing employment by means of developing infrastructure and housing and communal services) 10.5 thousand projects were implemented, which employed 103.8 thousand people.

The second direction (creation of jobs through developing entrepreneurship and supporting villages) saw more than 44.8 thousand people trained in the basics of entrepreneurship and receive microcredits, among them more than 29.9 thousand have started their own businesses. As a result, another 42 thousand people were employed.

The third direction (assistance in finding employment through training and relocation within the employer’s needs) saw employment of 110 thousand people after passing vocational training.

More than 111 thousand people were attracted to social jobs, of them 77.6 thousand subsequently finding a permanent job. 91 thousand people were sent to youth practice, with 57.4 thousand of them finding a job.

Also within the third direction, 19.3 thousand people were relocated from settlements with low economic potential, of them 7 thousand found employment.

At the same time, more than 344.6 thousand people found employment through the vacancy database.

The Implementation of ER2020 allowed keeping unemployment levels in Kazakhstan at 5%.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan