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Employees of the Mayor’s Office Have Taken Part in “Astana – Mey?r?md? Qala” Charity Campaign

by December 3, 2016 Key Issues

Citywide “Astana – Mey?r?md? Qala” charity campaign aimed at assisting vulnerable groups of the population is continued in Astana. Within the campaign, employees of the Mayor’s Office of the city, deputies of the mayor, heads of offices, the Mayor of Astana Asset Issekeshev are visiting residents who are in need of assistance.

Thus, urgent assistance has been provided to a 10-year-old Nursultan Kakimov who has a congenital cerebral palsy. In addition, the boy suffers from blindness of the 4-5 degrees. The child’s mother Gulmira Tautanova works as a medical nurse in the capital’s Children’s Hospital No. 2 and is a single mother for four children. Given the extremely difficult financial situation of the Kakimov family, the mayor’s office of the capital has provided material assistance and donated a wheelchair.

The mother of many children Gulmira Kakimova has requested the mayor of the capital to assist in the purchase of a computer and clothes for her children. As a part of “Astana – Mey?r?md? Qala” charity campaign, Asset Issekeshev has visited the Kakimov family.

The mayor has also visited a 87-year-old resident of the city Plotnikova Lyubov. The honored worker of the rear has been working as an adjuster of ATE for many years. Currently, the lonely woman is forced to live in extreme conditions. She has been provided with material assistance, as well as funds for the purchase of necessary medicines have been allocated for her.

It should be recalled that “Astana – Mey?r?md? Qala” citywide charity campaign has started in Astana on December 1. Support will be provided in different directions, that is, in the purchase of food products, solid fuel, clothing, pharmacies’ certificates to obtain free medicines and more.

Everyone willing can directly participate in the campaign and make a good thing, can address to the capital’s Office of Employment, Labor and Social Protection at the address: 16 Imanbayev Str., Office 1.

Source: Akimat of Astana