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Saturday, September 26th, 2020

Elderly patient beats pneumonia in Almaty

by July 30, 2020 General

ALMATY. KAZINFORM – In Almaty city, a 87-year-old patient with double pneumonia has been discharged from the temporary hospital, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The Mental Health Center in Almaty is said to house the temporary hospital for treating COVID-19 patients. One of such patients is the elderly woman born in 1933 who was hospitalized in a critical state of health with double multisegmental pneumonia. The CT scan revealed 64% destruction of her lungs. The 87-year-old patient also had pre-existing conditions such as chronic heart disease, diabetes, and arterial hypertension.

Despite her old age, the patient has been discharged from the hospital after beating pneumonia.

According to Sapar Rakhmensheyev, director at the Mental Health Center in Almaty, the hospital has admitted 207 patients over 55 years of age, of these 152 have recovered and others are under treatment. Last month saw 499 discharged patients. The hospital is said to have 33 unoccupied beds and to admit 8-10 people a day.



Source: Kazakhtan 2050