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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Egypt to increase RES volume by 20%


“NC “Astana EXPO-2017” JSC reported that now Egypt is implementing reforms to expand the possibilities of using RES.

“Taking into account the burning sun and strong winds in Egypt, by 2022 we set a task to increase the volume of electric energy produced by renewable energy sources by 20%. Now we are negotiating the establishment of wind generators, photovoltaic panels and mixed technologies. Also, Egypt is carrying out regulatory and legal reforms, subsidies are being allocated to expand the capacity of the private sector”, Haitham Salah Kamel Ibrahim said.

In turn, Vice-Minister of Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan Aktoty Raimkulova thanked the representatives of Egypt for supporting Kazakhstan in the initiative to hold EXPO-2017.

She also noted that Egypt is one of the important partners for Kazakhstan.

“We are pleased that the Egyptian Pavilion was opened at the EXPO-2017 International Exhibition. Kazakhstan believes that Egypt is a reliable and constructive partner in the Middle East and the Arab world. Cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian spheres is important for us, as well as in joint search for solutions to the transition to the use of renewable energy sources”, A. Raimkulova concluded.

We remind you that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and Egypt.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050