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EEU shipping to have simplified access to inland waterways

by May 26, 2017 Key Issues

“A document prepared by the responsible developer – the Russian Federation, reflects earlier agreements on simplifying access to the inland waterways of the EEU states,” member of the Board (Minister) for Energy and Infrastructure of the EEC Adamkul Zhunussov stressed.

According to the Minister of the EEC, the draft agreement provides, for example, access of ships under the flags of the countries of the Union to swimming on inland waterways on the basis of an application to be submitted no later than 10 days before the vessel leaves the inland waterways.

At the same time, the project includes other proposals of the parties aimed at simplifying the shipping procedure in force in the countries of the Union. The meeting on this issue will be held in Sochi on June 5-6 this year.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050