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EEC Council’s “White Book” designed to address 60 barriers to trade

by March 4, 2017 Legal

The improvement of the safety of products on the domestic market of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the improvement of customs legislation and the elimination of barriers to trade were discussed at a meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, the EEC reported.

One of the most important decisions of the EEC Board was the adoption of technical regulations of the EAEU “On safety of chemical products”.

The document establishes the single mandatory requirements for chemical products produced in the Union, as well as the rules and forms of compliance evaluation, rules of identification, requirements to terminology, labeling and the rules of its application.

Technical regulations provides for the formation and maintenance of the register of chemical substances and mixtures used in the territory of the Union. Their inclusion in the register is an essential factor for the notification of the state registration. By type of dangerous impacts associated with the physicochemical properties of chemical products, it is divided into 13 categories: explosive, compressed gas, flammable gaseous, self-decaying, self-heating, chemical products, dangerous when in contact with water, and so on.

The EEC Council members restricted the use of methyl alcohol in coolants for automotive engines, the mass fraction of which shall not exceed 0.05%. This regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2019.

Along with the new Customs Code of the EAEU 22 projects must enter into force, subject to the terms of reference of the foreign economic activity by the authorized economic operators, the order confirmation by the customs authorities of the actual export of goods from the customs territory of the Union, the application of customs transit procedures, rules for the movement of goods by individuals for personal use and other issues.

The EEC Council adopted a decision on the publication of the so-called “White Book” – the report “Barriers, exceptions and limitations of the EAEU” until April 2 on the information resource “The functioning of the internal market of the Eurasian Economic Union”.

The report included a list of 60 obstacles, according to which “road maps” will be formed – action plans to reduce the number of exceptions and limitations. The first of these will be submitted to the Eurasian intergovernmental council this summer.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050