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Friday, September 18th, 2020

Economic week of Kyrgyzstan Dec. 2 – 7, 2019

by December 8, 2019 General

This week it became known that agricultural exports from the Kyrgyz Republic increased noticeably and the Tax Service requires not to allow unaccounted goods to be transported across the border. In addition, government agencies initiated a discussion on two important bills, including measures to ensure food security of the country as well as Kyrgyzstan announced data on the number of entrepreneurs and profit of Manas Airport.

Export of agricultural products. This week it became known that in Kyrgyzstan the foreign trade turnover of agricultural products and their processing in January-September 2019 compared to the previous year increased by 17.7% and amounted to USD 660.1 million.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic Zhanybek Kerimaliev said that export deliveries increased by 24.9% and amounted to USD 184.8 million, import revenues increased by 9.9% and amounted to USD 475.4 million.

At the same time, in January-September 2019, food and processing industry products were exported in the amount of KGS 12 billion 890 million 300 thousand, which increased by 27.3% compared to the last year. Import of food and processing industry products amounted to KGS 33 billion 162 million 200 thousand. This is compared with 2018 by 9.9% more, Kerimaliev said.

Head of the export department of the Ministry Nurmamat Mullakeldiyev said that this year, vegetables, fruits, milk, meat products worth KGS 6 billion were exported to the Kyrgyz Republic. Mostly exporting countries are Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Tax office’s requirement. This week, the head of the State Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic, Kabyl Abdaliev, demanded from that tax officials at the border to prevent the fact of transporting unaccounted goods imported from the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries for business purposes. Noting that the high-quality administration of indirect taxes is one of the urgent and important tasks of the fiscal body, Abdaliev called on employees of the department to work in good faith, honestly and principledly.

He stated this at a meeting where they discussed the administration of indirect taxes in the framework of trade with the EAEU member countries and the fight against corruption.

Airport’s income. The financial indicators of Manas International Airport OJSC this year show a steady growth.

This week it became known that according to the results of 9 months of 2019, the profit from the operational activities of Manas airport amounted to KGS 1 billion 709 million 131 thousand. Compared to 2018, the amount of operating profit for the same period increased by 28%.

The total income amounted to KGS 3 billion 785 million 813 thousand, including income from aviation activities amounted to KGS 3 billion 382 million 517 thousand. Compared to 2018, the indicators increased by 12%.

Revenues from non-core activities amounted to KGS 177 million 197 thousand, which compared to the same period in 2018 increased by 15%.

Number of entrepreneurs. This week, it was announced according to data by January-September 2019, there were 12 thousand enterprises working in Kyrgyzstan.

According to data of the National Statistics Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, 11.3 thousand of them are small enterprises and 0.7 thousand are medium-sized enterprises. At the same time, more than 61% of the number of operating small enterprises carry out their activities in Bishkek.

The number of individual entrepreneurs included in the database of the Unified State Register of Statistical Units, as of October 1, 2019 made 409.1 thousand and increased by 2.8% compared to the same date of the previous year.

The number of employees in small and medium enterprises in January-September 2019 made 84.0 thousand people.

Temporary ban on export of flour. This week, the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic submitted for public discussion a draft resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic On the introduction of a temporary ban on the export of wheat and wheat flour from the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

According to the justification of the bill, the purpose of this draft resolution is to prevent a critical shortage and ensure food, including national, security of the population of the republic by introducing a ban on the export of wheat and wheat flour from the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

According to the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic, the volume of wheat production in Kyrgyzstan in 2014 made 572.7 thousand tons, in 2015 – 704.6 thousand tons, in 2016 – 661 thousand tons, in 2017 – 601 thousand tons, and in 2018 – 615 thousand tons. Based on the dynamics of production, it can be assumed that a slight fluctuation in wheat production depends on weather conditions.

Buy only your own. This week, the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic submitted for public discussion a draft resolution On the procurement of products from domestic producers by direct concluding the contract.

It was developed in order to support domestic producers, who fully carry out the production of goods in the country in accordance with national quality standards, as well as the rational use of budget funds, during public procurement by procuring organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Investments of neighbors. Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to Uzbekistan Ibrahim Zhunusov discussed this week in Tashkent with Director General of Artel Dilmurad Gaipov the progress of the implementation of investment projects totaling USD 10 million in Kyrgyzstan. An agreement was reached within the framework of top-level visits.

At the meeting, an exchange of views on projects implemented in 2018 in Osh Oblast for the production of windows and doors under the IMZO brand in the amount of USD 1 million and as much investment for the assembly of washing machines under the Artel brand took place.

The parties also discussed two more projects planned for implementation in southern Kyrgyzstan. In particular, on the creation of the MEDIAPARK shopping and entertainment center in the amount of USD 5 million and a branch of the non-governmental institution Artel Technical School in the amount of USD 3 million.

Deliveries to Uzbekistan. This week, the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Tashkent announced that delivery of cattle (cow, sheep) to the amount of USD 1.2 million has begun. They are passed through the Dostuk-road checkpoint.

The supply of cattle to the neighboring country was started with the assistance of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of a contract between LLC KMJ (Kyrgyzstan) and YOSHG’AYRAT AGRO LLC (Uzbekistan)

In addition, under the contract for the amount of USD 1 million, the delivery of potatoes to Uzbekistan has begun, and the supply of apples from Kyrgyzstan will begin in the near future.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency