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EAEU to increase grain production to 140 mln tons in 2017

by November 24, 2016 World Sports

Sochi (Russia) hosted the World Grain Forum. Here, Deputy Director of the Department of Agrarian Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Roman Romachkin told about the strengthening of the EAEU’s role on the world grain market.

“In accordance with the forecasts, in 2017, the grain production in the Union will increase to 140 million tonnes, the exports will grow to 40 million tons”, – said R. Romachkin

At the same time, the representatives of the Commission drew attention to the limitations of external markets and shortage of grain processing products: amino acids, organic acids, glucose-fructose syrup, various kinds of starch, glucose, bioplastics.

“The development of deep processing of corn will contribute to strengthening scientific and technical potential, import substitution of high-tech products, the diversification of the export commodity structure. In this regard, the production of goods with high added value should be a priority in the development of the grain sector in the Eurasian Economic Union”, – he said.

Also, the forum participants discussed the possibilities of the impact of global trends on the world grain market, the introduction of advanced technologies, the development of grain markets and its products, improving the infrastructure of the grain complex, grain export support tools.

“To improve the efficiency of the grain industry, we should intensify scientific and innovative cooperation in the field of deep processing of grain with access to joint projects on development and introduction into production of innovative products and technologies”, – the statement reads.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050