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by October 10, 2019 Legal

Starting from January 1, 2020, the Medical Insurance Fund will launch the GMSS system. In this regard, Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Social Medical Insurance Fund” Yermek Primbetov said that the Fund’s activities, corporate structure, strategic directions of the Fund, and the introduction of the IMSS are being worked out, and great work is being done to ensure transparency of the Fund’s activities.

“We are launching a new website of the Fund, which will provide feedback to our users in the coming days, as well as information about the Fund’s annual and annual accounts, audited entities and remunerations, information on the Board of Directors, advisory board – normative acts regulating the activities of advisory bodies and the Fund’s Management are constantly posted openly, “he said.

According to Yermek Primbetov, in order to improve the activities of the Fund and improve its work, three strategic directions are focused.

“Various socioeconomic, demographic conditions, the increase in the number of healthcare services by the population leads to the necessity of further development of the Fund’s activities for the successful introduction of the MSSS system for the procurement of effective and quality medical care in the interests of the patients, therefore, strategic orientation, as well as the development of the fund as a strategic buyer of medical services, the maximum involvement of the population into the GMSS and the digital transformation ” , – said Yerzhan Primbetov.

He also touched on the work of the CISM system, which is being implemented under the order of the Head of State.

“The MOSS package significantly increases the accessibility of medical services for the insured, including consulting and diagnostic, rehabilitation and rehabilitation assistance, prophylactic screening of adults and children, etc. All health care packages in MSMP are available only to insured and treatment, and all expenses for rehabilitation will be covered by the health insurance fund “.

He also said how the fund will be used and how it will be used in the GNP system.

“The Fund’s financial activities are carried out within the framework of the norms and limits set by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the assets of the Fund are placed on the accounts of the National Bank and are used exclusively for medical assistance to the population,” he said.

According to him, all obstacles will be identified on the pilot project of the recently launched MAMS in Karaganda region, and the advanced system will be sent to all regions.

“Over the past three years, the Fund has been carrying out major preparatory works since the beginning of September of the current year in the Karaganda region, the MSSS was launched in a pilot mode, which identified the barriers and then pilot experience and results distribution to all regions and the effectiveness of the system starting from January 1 of the next year. we are working on improving and automating mechanisms to ensure that they are ready, “he concluded.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050