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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

E. Bakhmutova: CSHI Fund forms under the principle of solidarity


E. Bakhmutova reported that the CSHI system is not funded and is not limited to a specific amount of money that can be spent on a single person.

“The principle of solidarity is used here and this is explained by the fact that in case of using the funded system, a person who must pay monthly deductions of 2669 tenge could accumulate about 32 thousand tenge per year. In turn, such operation as uncomplicated birth costs about 82 thousand tenge, and such a fairly common operation on coronary artery bypass grafting costs about 1.8 million tenge. Thus, the amount of savings would not be enough to take advantage of these services,” E. Bakhmutova said.

In this regard, she said, the solidary system allows a person to get the necessary amount of medical care that he needs, regardless of the amount of the contribution made or contributions received for him.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan