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During Independence Years Birth Rate Increased By 9.8% In Kazakhstan

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by December 5, 2016 Legal

The number of the population increased by 19% and amounted to 17 million 671 thousand people compared with 2000, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Aleksei Tsoi said during a briefing held in the Ministry.

A. Tsoi said that as a result of improvement of the social and economic situation and the implementation of health reforms in recent years, the positive medical and demographic changes have taken place in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the successful implemented National health reform program for 2005-2010 and the State Health Development Program “Salamatty Kazakhstan” for 2011-2015, the life expectancy of Kazakhstanis at birth increased by 4.4 years and was 72 at the end of 2015 against 67.6 in 1991.

“The birth rate of the population has been increased by 9.8%. The maternal mortality decreased by 5.4 times, the infant – 3 times. The overall mortality rate for years of independence has decreased by 6%. This was achieved by reducing the mortality from the major causes, from diseases of the circulatory system – 1.9 times, malignant tumors by 33% of accidents, injuries and poisonings – by 23.1%. The incidence of tuberculosis has decreased by 9%, and the mortality rate – by 66%”, A. Tsoi said.

The Deputy Minister added that due to the wide coverage of vaccination in the past 25 years the incidence of mumps in Kazakhstan decreased by 435.9 times, rubella – by 879.6 times, diphtheria by 30 times, whooping cough by 7.6 times. The incidence of viral hepatitis “B” among children has decreased by 1234.5 times, among the adult population – by 31.5 times. Over the past 25 years, Kazakhstan has not registered a single case of tetanus among children under 14 years.

“Thanks to the systematic work on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, held in Kazakhstan for the years of independence, the country has managed to keep the spread of HIV at the concentrated stage, in other words, among vulnerable groups. Over the past two years in the rankings of the World Economic Forum on the Global Competitiveness Index indicator “Prevalence of HIV infection among the population aged 15-49″ with the index of 0.18% Kazakhstan is included in a group of countries occupying the first place”, he informed.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050


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