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Draft Government Resolution drawn for “Digital Kazakhstan” program

by October 13, 2016 General

Ministry for Information and Communication of the RoK has drawn up the Draft Government Resolution On Draft Decree by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan On ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ Program, and amendments were made to the Decree by President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of March 19, 2010, No.957 On Approval of the List of National Programs.

The major role of Digital Kazakhstan program is the improvement of citizens life quality and the countrys economy competitiveness through development of digital economy.

National Program consists of 4 major areas:

1. Digital Silk Way: creating high-tech digital infrastructure through provision of broadband Internet in rural localities; developing the telecommunication hub; ensuring information security; constructing data centers, etc.

2. Creative society: developing human capital through enhancing citizens’ digital literacy; advanced training of specialists in the field of information and communication technologies; developing critical thinking, etc.

3. Digital transformations in economic sectors: developing digital industry through automating the country’s transport and logistics system; implementing digital technologies in the field of agriculture and industry; developing e-Commerce; improving mineral resources registration system; ensuring geological digital information safety and accessibility; implementing technologies in creating smart cities; etc.

4. Proactive society: developing digital government through further development of e-Gov and m-Gov; increasing the number of public services delivered online; developing Open Government; developing national spatial data infrastructure, etc.

Following the implementation of the Program, it is planned to achieve the below indicators by 2020:

� percentage of Internet users � 78%;

� terrestrial broadcasting coverage of Kazakhstani population � 95%;

� digital literacy level of population � 80%;

� percentage of ICT sector in GDP� 4.7 %;

� growth of performance in ICT (as compared to indicators of 2015) – 34%;

� citizens satisfaction with the quality of online services obtained independently � 80%.

The Program implementation period is 2017 to 2020.

Funding will be executed out of the national budget, quasi-public sector, and also using private investments as well as the financial organizations and development institutions loans.

Implementation of the Program might become a key factor for achievement of the goal for Kazakhstan to enter TOP-30 competitive countries by 2050 that was set by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazkhstan-2050 Strategy.

Source: Ministry Of Information and Communication Republic of Kazakhstan