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Dog Owners of Astana Are Requesting to Allocate Land for Pets Training and Walking


Pet lovers are requesting the city authorities to assist in allocating land for arrangement of a special area for dogs walking and training, as informed by the media center of the Mayor’s Office of the capital.

The territory could be fenced off, and a section on sports and applied training of pets could be organized, as offered by the public representatives.

“From year to year the number of dogs in the capital is growing, the rules for keeping dogs and cats are being created. They require to be complied with, but at the same time there are no grounds for dogs walking and training. If there are no such sites, specialists cannot socialize these dogs, train them. If these training sites are available, then it will be possible to create training groups for the sports and applied training of these pets,” the representative of the Union of Cynologists of Kazakhstan Alexander Belonenko told the media center correspondent in an interview.

Today, as he said, more than 1.5 thousand dogs have been officially registered in the clubs of the dog breeders of Astana. However, there are also not registered pets that are kept by Astana residents.

At the same time, the Rules clearly state that dogs in the city can only be walked using a short leash and in a muzzle (with the exception of fancy breeds). During a walk, the owner is obliged to clean up after the pet and have a veterinary passport. It is forbidden to walk with pets in children’s courtyards and sports grounds, in the territories of preschool and educational institutions, in places where prohibitory signs have been installed.

Walking of dogs without a leash and muzzle is allowed only in fenced areas, training areas and places designated for these purposes. However, in view of the fact that the city has not yet introduced a special zone for pets walking, the owner of a pet will not be fined, he or she will receive a warning.

“Astana residents themselves are ready to contribute to this issue, to equip these sites. The whole thing is minor: to allocate land plots, assign the clubs to them, where they will make arrangements themselves, not at the expense of the budget, namely due to the enthusiasm of the dog breeders themselves,” A.Belonenko noted.

According to him, earlier the capital had a specially designated territory for dogs walking and training, but later it was built up with residential areas.

“The capital should become a model city in this respect. For example, even Karaganda has a ground for training and walking of pets, right in the Central Park. It has been fenced. It’s absolutely safe. We do not ask for money. We need land, territory, the fenced one if possible, in order to train dogs. And equipment, arrangement: all these will be taken over by the clubs themselves”, suggested the representative of the Union of Cynologists of Kazakhstan Alexander Belonenko.

Source: Akimat of Astana