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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Digitization of healthcare to exclude falsification of documents – Ministry of Healthcare

by June 22, 2018 Health

Answering the questions of journalists, Abishev spoke about the protection of personal data of people when implementing online services. According to the speaker, 28 mobile applications were developed and accessible on the e-government portal today. Of these, 10 are integrated into the information system of the Ministry of Healthcare.

Two levels of personal data protection are installed: hardware and software. At the first level in the data center, third generation equipment, which corresponds to a high class. The second level also provides a high degree of protection.

“The digital generation of young people is ready to provide their personal data in order to be able to get a full analysis of their health status. Based on the data, doctors could make an individual health plan for everyone. And our goal is not to treat people, but to preserve their health on the basis of digital data,” Abishev concluded.

Digitalization, according to Abishev, will also allow to exclude forgery of documents, corruption moments.

“Today the issue of counterfeiting, authenticity, verification of documents is acute. Through a digital ecosystem, together with other state bodies, we create a single base for the provision of composite services. Optimization, absolute digitalization will exclude questions of forgery, as well as human contact with a representative of government agencies,” Abishev summarized.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan