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Development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area is a priority task: A. Mamin

by November 15, 2016 World Sports

A. Mamin, noting the importance of implementing the Plan of development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area in 2012-2016, said that the Head of State attaches great importance to the establishment of appropriate infrastructure of this unique resort in Akmola region.

Mayor of Akmola region Sergey Kulagin reported on the implementation of the second phase of the Plan of SBRA.

“The implementation of the second phase of the Plan of development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area, consisting of 85 events, was completed to create an attractive investment climate and ensure the flow of tourists in Akmola region this year. At present, 38 events out of 47 are carried out. The priority task id to resolve an issues of a stable heat and water supply, construction of the unified sewerage system to ensure the preservation of ecological safety, construction and repair of roads,” S. Kulagin said.

Simultaneously with the implementation of the Housing projects, water supply and sanitation, and transport infrastructure in the framework of the Plan of Development of SBRA measures on development of tourist infrastructure are under implementation in the region.

In recent years, 58 billion tenge was allocated in the economy Burabay district, including 22 billion tenge from the budget, 36 billion tenge from private. The investors built 48 objects of accommodation and recreation.

Currently, 203 accommodation and recreation facilities are working; the volume of services has increased by five times. There is an opportunity to receive 9 thousand people. The capacity of holiday destinations has increased by 2.5 times.

The inflow of tourists is increasing every year; it has doubled in recent years. Thus, more than 500 thousand tourists visit the resort area in summer, and about one million people in a year.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan A. Mamin said that “in general much has been done on the second phase of the Plan for development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort.”

At the same time, taking into account the objectives of promotion of the spa zone and the formation of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan A. Mamin gave specific instructions to ensure the timely implementation of the Action Plan of SBRA.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.