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Deputy Prime Minister � Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov met today with the representatives of Farm Frites from the Netherlands.

Koktem Agrorservice LLP is currently negotiating the Dutch Farm Frites on building a plant for the production of frozen potato in the North-East Kazakhstan.

The negotiations covered the project with a capacity of 140,000 tons of potato processing. Investment amount is being discussed.

Farm Frites company currently surveys the resource base of Pavlodar and Karaganda regions for compliance with the potato cultivation technology, technical equipment, storage facilities availability, and the climatic conditions of the region.

For reference:

Farm Frites, a family owned company established in 1971, is one the largest potato processing companies in the world. Farm Frites offers a complete range of French fries and potato products, deep frozen or chilled, to customers in more than 80 countries of the world, processing over 1.3 million tons of potato annually. It has 40 sales offices and 6 plants with staff of 1,500 employees in 40 countries of the world.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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