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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Deputy General Director of Manas Airport: Some airlines are engaged in ticket resale by 110%

by September 21, 2021 General

Deputies of the Jogorku Kenesh Committee on Transport, Communications, Architecture and Construction at a meeting on September 21 at the initiative of the chairman of the Committee, Mahabat Mavlyanova, considered the issue of servicing passengers of international flights at the Manas airport.

The parliamentarian drew attention to the problem of infringement of the rights of passengers who have already purchased tickets, but airlines refuse to provide them with services due to resale, that is, lack of seats on the plane, the press service of the JK reported.

“Recently I myself faced this problem when I flew to Almaty aboard an Air Astana plane. After I checked in and got on the plane, they came up to me and said “there are no seats, take the next flight”, but I still flew away, but dozens of passengers, mothers and children remained. All these people had plans: someone flew for treatment, someone was in transit, and someone had an important meeting, ”said M. Mavlyanova, urging responsible government agencies to resolve the issue with the airlines.

Deputy General Director of OJSC Manas International Airport Abdimalik Busurmankulov noted that airlines often use the practice of reselling tickets by 110%. “This is a kind of marketing policy to ensure the maximum load on the aircraft. They take this step because of the possible risks associated with cases of flight cancellations, late check-in, etc. “, – A. Busurmankulov explained, adding that the airport has no right to restrict airlines.

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Transport Alexander Nastayev noted that this is an unacceptable situation. “This is mainly the fault of the foreign companies Air Astana, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Siberia, which introduced the practice of resale precisely during a pandemic due to the requirements of the Russian Federation on epidemiological security, when many passengers were not allowed to fly. We are trying to react by sending protest letters to the aviation services of Kazakhstan and Russia. Ural Airlines was generally warned that they would not be issued a flight permit next winter season, ”says A. Nastayev, adding that the injured passengers are entitled to compensation for losses.

The Chairperson of the Committee pointed to the insufficient measures taken by the government. “There is no such thing anywhere in the world. By what right and by what criteria do foreign airlines decide who to fly and who to stay? ”The deputy noted, urging the aviation authorities to impose sanctions against unscrupulous carriers.

Deputy Sherali Abdyldaev also proposed to consider the responsibility of the heads of the relevant state structures, with the connivance of which the rights of air passengers have been violated for many years. Deputy Ulugbek Ormonov outlined the need to systematize data on the number of affected citizens in order to take measures against air carriers.

After the discussion, the members of the Committee recommended that the Cabinet of Ministers, within a week, develop proposals to resolve the situation in the field of passenger service.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency