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Decade of school feeding starts in Kazakhstan

by April 1, 2017 World Sports

The purpose of an event is to increase the level of awareness of the population about an importance of healthy nutrition, especially at school age, to promote the creation of conditions for preserving and strengthening the health of schoolchildren in educational institutions.

Proper nutrition is a well-balanced food that includes all the substances necessary for a person. In combination with regular physical activity, it forms the basis of good health. Poor nutrition can lead to a weakening of immunity, a disruption of physical and mental development, and a decrease in vital activity.

In this regard, within the decade of the primary health care organizations of the republic, it is planned to hold doors open days with the involvement of specialized specialists, nutritionists to organize consultations of schoolchildren and parents on improving knowledge of healthy nutrition, determining the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, the Quetelet index. The work of health schools on the diet of children will be intensified with the conduct of classes, trainings, discussions on proper nutrition.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050