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Days of Culture of Zhambyl Region Will Be Held in Astana


Within the framework of “EXPO2017” Specialized International Exhibition, Days of Culture of Zhambyl Region will be held in Astana in the period from July 26 to July 30.

“UlyZhibekZholy. Kone Tarazdan Asqaq Astanaga Tartu Zhambyl Cultural and Ethnographic Caravan has crossed the city of Karaganda, as informed by the organizers of the event.

Participants of the ethnocultural caravan prepared a rich program for residents and guests of the capital. The ethnocultural caravan continued its trip and is approaching the capital.

Thus, on July 26 at 11:00 a solemn greeting of “Uly Zhibek Zholy. Kone Tarazdan Asqaq AstanagaTartu” Cultural and Ethnographic Caravan will be held in the “Park of Love” near Khan Shatyr Shopping and Entertainment Center.

At 21:30, the “Amphitheater” located intheterritoryofEXPO Site will host afestiveconcertof “Auyeni Assem Auliyeata”;

On July 2728, production of “Domalaq Yene” drama by Argynbai Bekbossyn and other comic works will be shown at the stages of Zhastar Theatre and M. Gorky State Academic Russian Drama Theater.

On July 28, EthnoAul located in the territory of the capital’s “Qazanat” racetrack, there will be festive concerts of “Zhambylym Qandai Tamasha”, “Kui Keruyeni”, “Dumandy Yelim!”.

At the same time, craftsmen of Zhambyl Region will present unique products of made by themselves to the residents and guests of the capital. In addition, spectators can enjoy national games such as kokpar, audaryspaq, zhamby atu, tenge ilu, qazaq kuresi, asyq atu, bes tas, togyzqumalaq, as well as the exhibition show of the golden eagles and Tazy hunting dogs in ethnoaul.

On July 2930, from 09:00 to 18:00, agricultural fairs of commodity producers from Zhambyl Region will be held in the parking area of “Kazakhstan” Palace of Sports.

On July 30, at 20:00, “TarazymTarikh Aq Tany, Astanam Yeldin Maqtany!” GalaConcert involving participation of pop stars from Zhambul Region will be held.

Source: Akimat of Astana