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Dariga Nazarbayeva proposed to strengthen cooperation in the tourism sector between Kazakhstan and Bahrain

by September 25, 2019 Fun

Senate speaker Dariga Nazarbayeva met with the Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Fawzia Abdullah Yusuf Zeynal .

Dariga Nazarbayeva noted that Kazakhstan considers Bahrain as a friend and important partner and attaches priority to the development of bilateral cooperation with the Kingdom.

I hope your visit will greatly contribute to the development of inter parliamentary relations. I believe in parliamentary diplomacy, D. Nazarbayeva said.

Fauzia Abdullah Yusuf Zeynal supported the words of the Head of the Senate and noted that the positions of Kazakhstan and Bahrain are very close in the most key areas, such as the fight against terrorism and the resolution of conflicts through peaceful dialogue. She also expressed hope for a solution to the issue of direct flights and a visa free regime between Kazakhstan and Bahrain.

In turn, Dariga Nazarbayeva suggested coordinating travel agencies of the two countries for further work in this direction . The head of the Senate emphasized the tourism potential of Kazakhstan there are many interesting historical and picturesque places in the country, and tourism infrastructure is developing.

Fauzia Abdullah Yusuf Zeynal noted the beauty and unusualness of the country, saying that the most important beauty is the people who live here.

The President of the House of Deputies of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Bahrain also expressed admiration for the view of the capital, which was built in a short time and is a full fledged modern city with developed infrastructure.

I want to note that indeed the First President of Kazakhstan is a visionary and heroic person, because he had a dream, courage and power to realize this dream. Your people are a people of freedom. This is a victory not only at your domestic level, this is a precedent on the world stage, she said .

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan