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Sunday, September 26th, 2021

D. Kaletayev: In the course of implementing the recommendations of the VII Civil Forum, the volume of state social contracts has more than doubled

by June 5, 2018 Fun

During today’s meeting of the Government chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society Darkhan Kaletayev reported on the implementation of the recommendations of the 7th Kazakhstan Civil Forum.

As noted by D. Kaletayev, the Action Plan for the implementation of the recommendations of the VII Civil Forum for 2017-2018 was developed according to the recommendations of NGOs. In total, of the 53 items of the Plan, 18 were executed, and 35 are in the process of execution.

Together with NGOs and taking into account international practice (Great Britain, Canada, USA, Poland, France and Croatia), a draft law on the activities of non-profit organizations was developed, which was passed by the Senate and sent for signature to the Head of State. The bill specifies the processes of formation of a state social order based on the needs and active participation of the civil sector.

Within the framework of the recommendations of the Forum, a regulatory framework for volunteer activity has been created. The Road Map for the Development of Volunteer Activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2020 has been approved for its implementation.

A wide range of recommendations concerns public councils. This year the term of office of the “first convocation” councils is coming to an end. During this period, a large number of initiatives came from the councils, NGOs and international organizations to improve the regulatory framework. A new Model Provision has been prepared. Also, a package of legislative amendments has been developed, which the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society plans to submit for public discussion.

Implementation of the recommendations allowed increasing the volume of state social orders more than twofold, grant financing – almost five times, increasing the number of regional state bodies implementing state orders by one and a half times, D. Kaletayev emphasized.

In order to expand the participation of business in social projects, the ASAR Tripartite Cooperation Platform was created.

At the same time, it is proposed to implement a number of systemic measures to improve the quality of state procurement services with the introduction of new mechanisms for the formation, evaluation, standardization.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to take measures to increase the capacity of the civil sector, including in rural areas, to involve them in the implementation and promotion of public policy. The Ministry also proposes to work out the issue of the appointment in each state body of an “ombudsman for interaction with the civil sector” and take measures for qualitative and systemic improvement of the training component for civil servants on the basic mechanisms of working with NGOs.

Trends in the development of civil society in the world space have become the basis for the formation of the agenda of the VIII Civil Forum, which will be held this autumn, D. Kaletayev said.

In the course of consideration of the issue, President of Almaty Management University A. Kozhakhmetov shared his experience in the development of the non-profit sector and civil activity.

Following the consideration of the issue, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev overall supported the Ministry’s approaches to the implementation of the recommendations of the V?? Civil Forum and instructed the Ministries and Akims of the regions to take measures to actively participate and qualitatively study issues related to the organization and holding of the VIII Civil Forum of Kazakhstan.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan