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Monday, November 30th, 2020

D.Akhmetov reported on first half year work


As was noted by the Governor of the East Kazakhstan, the first half year was full of important political events for the country. As well as the beginning of the third stage of modernization of economy, the President’s program modernization of identity. The opening of the exhibition EXPO-2017 became the major event, where more than one million people took part, 25 thousand of whom are residents of the EK.

The drivers of economy were the industry, agroindustrial complex, construction, trade, D. Akhmetov noted.

According to the Governor’s Office of the EK, the industrial plants of the region increased manufacturing of the products by 53 billion tenge. The completion of the Aktogai mountain concentrating combine played a great role. The development of gold ore deposit of Bakyrchik mountain concentrating complex, where new technologies are used. As well as new industrial plants. In 2107, 11 projects accounting to 434 billion tenge with the establishment of more than 3 thousand new workplaces have been realizing.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050