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Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

D. Aitmukhametov: 11 justice officials were convicted in Kazakhstan in 2017

by February 8, 2018 Health

11 justice officials have been convicted in Kazakhstan in 2017. This was reported by Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Justice DaniyarAitmukhametov at the extended meeting of the Ministry Collegium.

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Justice is the inadmissibility, prevention, and eradication of corruption.

In 2017, 10 criminal cases were instituted against employees of territorial justice bodies, 11 employees were convicted, � DaniyarAitmukhametov said.

According to the reports, in 2016, 23 criminal cases were instituted against justice officials and 24 were convicted.

Criminal cases were not instituted against employees of the central office. As we can see, in 2017 we have achieved certain results that have influenced the reduction of the level of corruption, � DaniyarAitmukhametov added.

He also added that the Ministry is taking comprehensive measures to eliminate the prerequisites for corruption, to eradicate the causes and conditions of its generators, to minimize its level, one of which, in accordance with the 27th step of the Nation’s Plan 100 concrete steps is the establishment of the institution of private bailiffs.

All executive documents, except those regarding evictions, occupations, demolitions, seizures of land, and incomes made in the interests of the state, fall within the competence of private bailiffs, due to which the lion’s share of executive documents is executed by private bailiffs. In my opinion, the emergence of private bailiffs has significantly influenced the eradication of corruption manifestations, since basically the earnings of private bailiffs depend on the results of their work, DaniyarAitmukhametov concluded.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan