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Czech Republic to showcase most advanced technologies at EXPO2017

by February 7, 2017 Market

During the meeting, the sides discussed issues of preparation for the EXPO 2017 event, the company’s press service reported.

Mr. Yessimov informed the guests that 115 countries and 18 international organizations had confirmed their participation in the exhibition. Some of the countries have already received and started filling in their pavilions.

Jan Hamacek, in turn, noted that the Czech Republic attaches great importance to the participation in the EXPO 2017 since the country is an avid supporter of the use of renewable energy sources. The Czech MP said that the fact the delegation wraps up its visit here at the EXPO office shows how much importance the Czech Republic attaches to the upcoming exhibition and its theme in the first place.

“Having familiarized with the preparations, we are sure it will be held at the highest level”, – he added.

Jan Hamacek revealed that the Czech President is expected to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition where the country will demonstrate its most advanced technologies. It was noted that nearly 50,000 new workplaces had been created during the implementation of the EXPO project in Astana and regions of the country.

In conclusion, the Czech MPs said they plan to attend the National Day of the Czech Republic during the exhibition on July 15.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050