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Customs procedures simplified by 2.3 times in Kazakhstan

by April 7, 2017 World Sports

“To date, customs procedures have been significantly simplified, favorable conditions have been created for participants in Foreign Economic Activities (FEA), representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, business processes were optimized, as a result, the number of actions performed decreased from 898 to 394 (by 2.3 times). In total, the time for customs registration has been reduced from 6 to 1 hour”, – G. Amrin said.

According to him, for further simplification of conducting international trade transfer to an electronic format of processes of customs registration and control on the basis of a uniform platform is planned. Today these processes are separated in various information systems.

“Submission of a declaration on goods in electronic form will not be accompanied by the provision of documents confirming the information stated in it. At the same time, a significant share of goods after verification using the risk management system, in the event that risks aren’t identified, will be issued automatically, without the participation of an official of the state revenue body. This system will be the first step towards the integration of the customs and tax systems”, – the expert declared.

Deputy Chairman of the State Revenue Comittee also noted that a new transport and logistics center was opened in Astana. All control bodies are stationed there for carrying out the respective types of the state control. Here, a participant of foreign economic activities receives the whole complex of logistics services, including storage and sorting of goods.

“Similar four customs controlled areas will soon appear in all major cities of Kazakhstan. Also, the most complexed types of control are planned, such as cost control and classification of goods and countries of origin that require considerable time for verification, to be carried out after the release of goods, that is, a post factum”, – he added.

Besides that, for a certain category of previously audited and conscientious ones, it is planned to transfer all control to the “After” stage.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050