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Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Customs office of Kazakhstan moves towards digitalization


“Within the National Plan, the Ministry of Finance has eight steps, of which three have already been implemented. Under the third direction “Industrialization and Economic Growth” in 2016 we successfully completed the procedure for the legalization of property and money (the 41st step). Legalization was used by more than 140 thousand citizens, and 5.7 trillion tenge was included in the economic turnover, of which 4.1 trillion tenge in cash and 1.6 trillion tenge in assets. Out of 151 thousand legalized objects of real estate 9,5 thousand objects are registered as the commercial real estate. This increases the income tax on property by about 800 million tenge per year”, R. Beketayev said.

The Deputy Minister of Finance also talked about the benefits of the Law “On Public Procurement” adopted by the Ministry of Finance and on rehabilitation and bankruptcy issues (the 56th step, point 4), which will greatly facilitate the life of domestic businesses. He also informed about the ongoing work on improving customs and tax administration, creating conditions for participants in the foreign economic activity.

“In the new Customs Code, the digitalization of the customs declaration will be implemented (the 38th step) and the “Single Window” principle for export-import transactions will be implemented. If now the processing of documents takes an average of 2 hours, then with the introduction of the “Astana-1″ system, the customs declaration, falling into the green corridor, will be issued automatically”, R. Beketayev said.

The Deputy Minister also said that as of August 1, 2017, the system processed 25,848 declarations and the Single Window for export-import transactions is scheduled to be launched from the beginning of 2019.

“A participant in foreign economic activities in the customs clearance of goods will receive all necessary permits of the state bodies through the single access point, i.e. the businessman will no longer need to provide paper documents to the customs office”, R. Beketayev explained.

According to the Deputy Minister of Finance, starting January 1, 2018 (the 40th step), the customs clearance regime “Postfactum” will be introduced, as a result of which all traders will be able to use goods immediately after crossing the border, and the customs declaration can be filled within 10-40 days after the importation of goods.

“Starting October 1 this year, the Ministry of Finance will launch the Virtual Storage module (the 39th step). In this case, without posting goods to the warehouse, it is impossible to realize them, thereby suppressing fraudulent transactions and extracting false ESF. Since 2020, it is planned to introduce a universal declaration. The corporation “Government for Citizens” (the 43rd step) will take the tax declarations”, the speaker concluded.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050