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Culture and sport to help to develop domestic and inbound tourism

by June 17, 2017 World Sports

As the Minister noted, the Head of State, emphasizing a need, indicated a very clear set of instructions aimed at modernizing public consciousness. Including a wide presentation of modern achievements of Kazakhstan and its historical and cultural heritage to the world community.

Currently, the Government is considering an updated Concept for the development of the tourism industry until 2023. It defines six basic tourist clusters – Astana as a “geopolitical crossroads of cultures”, Almaty “Cradle of Civilization”, East Kazakhstan “Pearl of Altai”, Western Kazakhstan “Caspian Gates”, South Kazakhstan “Revival of the Great Silk Road”, Northern Kazakhstan “Unity of Nature and Nomadic Culture”.

“The Concept, taking into account regional peculiarities and the successful location of Kazakhstan, offers fr development such popular kinds of tourism as sacred, ecological, hunting-trophy, gambling, business, sports. We propose exactly the directions that can be developed by attracting private investments and related forms of leisure”, A. Mukhamediuly said.

Russia, China, India, the countries of the Persian Gulf, that is, the countries within a 4-5 hour radius of the flight from Kazakhstan, have been identified as target markets. The main goal is to increase the number of visitors from 2.3 to 7.7 million by 2025.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050