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Creative intelligentsia of Almaty supports modernization of public conscience

by April 15, 2017 General

Speaking on the city’s asset Almaty Mayor Bauyrzhan Baibek noted that ” The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience” gives an assessment of our past and opens prospects to the future, being a program of spiritual renewal of the nation.

“Tugan Zher” program will occupy a special place in the hearts of Almaty residents. The main ideas of the article are very close in spirit to our city and its inhabitants. For example, last year, by the support of not indifferent businessmen of the city, more than 100 sports grounds and more than 10 kindergartens were opened. Within the framework of public-private partnership a modern school for more than 600 pupils was built. The construction of another new school comes to an end. Charitable activities and patronage are very well developed”, – B. Baibek noted.

In the years of independence, only 18 state-run Kazakh-Russian kindergartens functioned in Almaty, today their number reached 157; only 7 Kazakh schools functioned, and now the figure has increased to 65. The number of students has increased by 10 times, from 11 to 104 thousand students. Speaking about the trilingual education policy, we can state that young Kazakhstanis study as Kazakh, Russian,and so English at a high level.

“Countries with developed culture are among the developed countries of the world, so we strive to join the ranks of the 30’s. Here the role of literature and culture is very high, so we must work hard. As our President says, everyone in the sphere of their activities should contribute to the rapprochement and interaction of the city or village. The proposed spiritual revival is very timely”, – People’s Artist of the USSR and Kazakhstan Asanali Ashimov emphasized.

In the article of the Head of State, a proposal was made for the national discussion to switch the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin one by 2025. The transition will open up new prospects in the field of technology, so that the nation will be able to develop and achieve the performance of the most developed countries of the world.

“N. Nazarbayev’s article is a new historical document, which is called upon to unite the nation. Drawing on the best practices of developed countries, the article pays particular attention to methods that will educate a competitive generation of citizens through the prism of realization of the idea of “Mangilik Yel”. To achieve this goal, you need to change your spiritual world. We, representatives of literature and art fully support the President”, – Chairman of the Writers Union of Kazakhstan Nurlan Orazalin said.

Another important part of the article is the program “New Humanitarian Knowledge. 100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language” in the social and human sciences, which aims to give new quality education to students and the entire younger generation, using modern technologies and the experience of developed countries.

“Yelbasy pays great attention to the development of education, because the nation that respects knowledge – always reaches enormous heights. During the years of independence, 1300 schools had been constructed. All the projects mentioned by the President in his article find positive responses among the teachers and pedagogical staff of the country”, – honored figure of Kazakhstan Shamsha Berkenbayeva pointed out.

Thus, the article of the President of Kazakhstan raises concrete ways and solutions to enhance the national spirit in the 21st century. During the event, leaders of ethno-cultural associations and NGOs, who took part in the city’s asset, also shared their opinion.

In the end, the Mayor of the city gave the numerous specific instructions to the city administration on the fulfillment of tasks set by the Head of State in the article “The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience”.

The article of the Head of State was discussed by the city’s creative intelligentsia, maslikhat deputies, representatives of the public council, representatives of education, medicine and the business community.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050