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Friday, January 28th, 2022

COVID-19: Coronavirus outbreak in South Korea, increasing number of children infected with the virus in France

by November 25, 2021 Health

According to the WHO, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world exceeds 260 million, and in Kazakhstan over the past day 946 people were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Currently, the number of cases is growing again in several countries. You can read more about the epidemiological situation in the world in the material of the correspondent

Epidemic situation in the country

According to the matrix of assessment of the epidemiological situation in the regions of Kazakhstan on November 25, 2021, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions are located in the “red” zone. In the “yellow” zone are the city of Nur-Sultan, Akmola, Karaganda, Kostanay regions. All other regions are in the “Green” zone. Over the past day, 1392 people were treated for coronavirus.

Epidemic situation in the world

According to the WHO, the number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world exceeds 260 million. Countries with more than 19 million cases of COVID-20 infection include the United States, India and Brazil. The United States is still the leader in the number of infections and deaths. 48,091,937 coronaviruses have been detected in the country. The death toll was 775,397. India is the second most infected country. The number of confirmed cases reached 34,544,882. The death toll from the virus in the country has reached 466,980 people. Brazil has the third highest prevalence of coronavirus in the world. During the pandemic, 22,43,112 cases were registered, of which 613,339 people died.

The number of coronavirus infections is growing in the European region

According to the World Health Organization, the number of COVID-19 infections is growing in the European region. The World Health Organization recommends adherence to the mask regime and vaccination of people at risk. Last week, an average of 4,200 people died daily from COVID-19 in the WHO European Region, twice as many as in September. Most people who die in Europe and Central Asia are infected with KVI. WHO predicts that 25 out of 53 countries in the European region may soon run out of hospital beds, and by March next year there will be a shortage of intensive care units in 49 countries. According to the WHO, by spring the number of deaths from this disease may exceed 2.2 million.

“We need to use the ‘vaccine plus’ method to fight the virus and not use strict restrictions,” he said. This means going through a full course of vaccination and, if possible, taking an additional booster dose, ”said Hans Kluge, WHO European Office Director.

The coronavirus has spread in South Korea

According to the local Ministry of Health, more than 4,000 people have been infected in the past day, and the country has a daily record of coronavirus infection. 70% of intensive care units in the country are full of patients. In Seoul, the figure reached 83%. Due to the sharp increase in the number of patients, hospitals are urgently preparing new beds. A South Korean health ministry spokesman said the number of critically ill patients was rising every day. In particular, the incidence of the virus has increased in the elderly over the age of 60.

In France, the number of children infected with the virus is growing

In France, the number of cases of COVID-19 among children aged 6 to 10 has risen sharply. The incidence rate reached 340 cases per 100,000 children. According to doctors, the figure was 80 at the beginning of November, which indicates that COVID-19 is very active among children. It was noted that the incidence of COVID-19 is very high among minors and high school students. 208 cases of coronavirus were registered among children aged 11-14.


Source: Kazakhtan 2050