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Country’s success depends on human capital development: expert view

by November 7, 2018 Sports

What aspects are the most important for the country’s development? First of all, it’s the human capital development, the public awareness, discrimination of values. Formation of the youth’s attitude to the world, human capital development, and a great deal of commitment to life are directly related to the country’s development. The speakers of the CSI (Center for Strategic Initiatives) 2018 Forum tried to find out the country development challenges and strategic solutions for them. Read more in the piece of the Information Agency.

Olzhas Khudaibergenov, CSI Senior Partner, emphasized two important challenges.

Firstly, it is people’s trust in government agencies. Reforms are needed in certain areas in order to restore confidence gently, he said.

According to him, the second important challenge is bureaucracy, which affects not only the population and business, but also the officials.

According to our calculations, each year the bureaucracy takes from the GDP about 5-7 trillion tenge. The figure is big, and therefore the issue must be addressed promptly, the CSI Senior Partner stated.

He reminded that currently work is underway to change the system of strategic and budget planning, within which the volume of bureaucracy should be greatly reduced.

Chairperson of the Astana Hub Management Committee in the field of civil service Alikhan Baimenov called corruption the most important problem in the civil service. But, at the same time, he explained why officials are forced to commit acts of corruption.

According to Baimenov, the fight against corruption must begin in the law enforcement agencies and judicial system. Without success in these areas, it is impossible to talk about a successful fight in the system of government in general.

There is a problem when orders and instructions come down from top to bottom, and the orders are not provided by the budget, for which no money is allocated. Of course, rural akims have to ask help from businessmen who have resources, promising something in the future. What can they promise? Success in public procurement and tenders, A. Baimenov said.

Separately, the expert spoke about the situation at universities.

When rectors of state universities are appointed to the post, it is necessary that they declare their affiliation with private educational structures. This is one of the big problems when many rectors have their own educational structures and use the opportunities of state universities to help private ones, he said.

Margulan Seisembayev, Kazakh businessman, founder of Seimar Company, thought that the degree of the country’s success directly depends on the average level of human capital development.

We are competing not in investment, not in technology, not in sports. All countries compete on the average level of human capital development, he said.

In his words, human capital rests on 3 fundamental things. It is a spiritual health, physical health, intelligence. In other words, this is ideology, education, health care.

Ideology for me it is something that inspires, that heals the soul. This is what makes you get up in the morning and enjoy life, Seisembayev said.

He gave an example of the Declaration of US independence.

Firstly, each person is created by God equal. Secondly, everyone has the right to life, to health, and to the pursuit of happiness. If a person has a soul singing then it doesn’t matter where he lives, what he eats, what he does. For him, any weather is good weather. We have not such a drive in our country, he stated.

The second fundamental thing is health. Here he noted underdevelopment of the health care system, corruption, low level of basic education of doctors, etc.

If a person is not healthy, he doesn’t have any desire to learn. That is why, the health sector is important, Seisembayev said.

The third thing, according to him, is education. The most talented and educated youth leave the country because of the sensation of the temporality of everything and everyone in the country.

The longer we spend money on Bolashak program and promoting young people without changing the situation in the country, the more we train specialists for other countries. Corruption, poor education and health care, language, disrespect for work, crime are all the symptoms of a sick person: in which place you stick, it will hurt him everywhere. Our society is the same, he added.

Seisembayev suggested considering the country’s problems on such a trivial topic as the presence of comfortable restrooms in it.

The state and business for tourism spend a lot of money. The level of tourism development in Kazakhstan is determined by the development of toilets. No need for signs, no need for Rukhani Zhangyru posters – spend money instead of these posters on a normal toilet. These are simple things, the businessman resumed.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050