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Council of Senators. We have one supreme goal serving the interests of society and the state


Star composition. So the Head of the upper house of Parliament welcomed the members of the first meeting of the Council of Senators, which was held in NurSultan.

Addressing the meeting participants, the Speaker emphasized that the Strategy of the First President of the Republic, Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev, the election program, and the message to the people of Kazakhstan, President KassymZhomart Tokayev, pose largescale and complex tasks for society and all state authorities.

A special role in these transformations is assigned to the Parliament and regional maslikhats. President K. Tokaev says: “Our formula for state power is: a strong President an influential Parliament an accountable Government.” Therefore, strengthening the Senate of the Parliament, filling its activities with new modern content, a more active position of the Senate and its deputies in public and sociopolitical processes is our direct task, D. Nazarbayeva said.

The head of the upper house noted that according to the Constitution, the upper house of Parliament was vested with significant powers.

The Senate is an institution on which key personnel appointments depend. He has a decisive word in the formation and approval of the budget of the country, as well as in monitoring its implementation. The Senate represents the regions of Kazakhstan and is the voice of regional maslikhats. It is he who, in the best, most complete and constitutionally formalized form, represents the interests of the regions at the national legislative level, said the Head of the Senate.

The speaker emphasized that the Senate is a framework of rigidity of our state. It performs the most important stabilizing function for the state and society. D. Nazarbayeva believes that this is where the dialogue of the regions with the republican level and the horizontal dialogue of the regions among themselves should take place.

Addressing her colleagues, Dariga Nazarbayeva emphasized that for the development and movement forward, the country needs the right, verified solutions combining modernity and wisdom, innovations and experience of generations. Therefore, an advisory body, the Council of Senators, was created at the upper house, to which the most authoritative, experienced deputies of the Senate of previous convocations were invited.

The Council should embody wisdom, experience, restraint, stability. We see it as an open platform for direct dialogue, discussion of urgent problems, and the development of recommendations for their solution. We hope that the members of the Council of Senators will become good support for the current deputy corps. We need your experience, your energy, your active life position. Because we have one supreme goal serving the interests of society and the state, D. Nazarbayeva said.

Senator Vladimir Volkov drew the attention of the meeting to the fact that the Head of State set the task of strengthening the role of the Parliament as the legislative branch of power. In this regard, the senator noted the need to strengthen control over the implementation of recommendations adopted at the Parliamentary hearings and government hours, including on the concepts of bills; for completeness of answers and timeliness of giving answers to deputy requests. If necessary, use the right of appeal to the President of the Republic on the dismissal of a member of the Government from the post upon hearing the report on issues of his activities V. Volkov suggested.

O. Baigeldy, B. Tutkushev, Zh. Ergaliev, G. Kasymov, M. Altynbaev, B. Aitimova, Z. Fedotova expressed their suggestions on improving the work of the Senate.

In particular, Dulat Kustavletov emphasized the need to achieve the effectiveness of deputy requests raised by senators. Deputy requests that are regional in nature must be sent to the relevant minister, akim, department. Having received a response, it is necessary to send the next request to the name of the Prime Minister and raise the question of the responsibility of this leader. Why? Because it allows us to do the Law “On the delimitation of powers between the Government and central executive bodies,” said D. Kustavletov.

A number of proposals made during the meeting aimed at changing the Senate regulations. All of them will be carefully studied and taken into account in the work. We need to understand the very role of the Senate in a new changing world, a new situation, a new time. The regulation is, first of all, the correlation of powers of the rights and responsibilities of the chamber to society, country, state, and Constitution. Therefore, something needs to be modified, the level of authority and responsibility must be reviewed, all this should be fixed in the regulations, Gani Kasymov said.

Speaking about the relevance of creating the Council of Senators, the state and public figure Zinaida Fedotova emphasized that this is a very necessary, valuable work. This will be a good help to the Senate, and to the state as a whole, so that without big words we could do a good and valuable job for our society.

During the meeting, Byrganym Aitimova was elected Deputy Chairman of the Council of Senators, Senator Nurlan Kylyshbaev was elected Secretary of the Council.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan