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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Construction rules & regulations and Child safety & health standards to be reviewed in 2017

by January 26, 2017 Legal

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov met today with Senat Deputies � members of Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science chaired by Byrganym Aitimova.

The meeting covered the key social issues. According to Vice Prime Minister, in 2016 Parliament received 7 reports on education, healthcare and culture.

Among the issues discussed were those related to preschool education, such as automated registry for the waiting list and referral to kindergartens, expanding the preschool facilities network; 41.9 thousand new places are planned to be created this year through PPP.

Secondary education topic covered constructing 56 schools in substitution of those in a critical condition and three-shift schools, shifting of 2, 5 and 7 grades to new training program and a five-day school week, new format of UNT with final and entrance exams divided.

All the construction rules and regulations, standards for school meals, equipment, school uniform, sports and other matters affecting the safety, health and welfare of children will be reviewed this year.

Technical and vocational educations innovations include the project named Free vocational education for all, which according to preliminary data will cover 47,300 people, elaborating new modular programs on 65 majors, training 5,200 teachers and industrial training experts for new programs implementation.

Higher and postgraduate education sector will introduce in the universities the corporate governance principles, establish internal audit services, change the legal form of higher education institutions with the transition to non-profit joint stock companies, and replace state attestation with international accreditation.

Healthcare related issues included establishment of social medical insurance fund and its regional affiliates. All the medical universities of the country will open in 2017 the pediatric faculty; regional polyclinic departments will introduce take-a-number system. Cancer dispensaries will gradually open the offices of centralized chemotherapy breeding in complying with international standards. The meeting also covered the issues of introducing the regressive margins of medicines in the retail chain.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan