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Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Congress of QazaqGeography held in organization’s new office

by November 19, 2018 Fun

The event began with a tour in the new QazaqGeography office. The old building of 1968 was reconstructed in a short time and now is a modern office, which also has a museum, an electronic library and a media center. The members of the Board of Trustees and the Managing Council of QazaqGeography, representatives of all regions of Kazakhstan took part in the Congress.

Mamin noted the importance of the organization, which today unites scientists, cultural workers, professionals from various industries and the youth of the country � all those who care about preserving the historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. QazaqGeography can and should play a key role in the promotion of tourist facilities for both Kazakhstanis and the global community.

According to him, QazaqGeography should become the center of popularization of science, culture and history of Kazakhstan and will contribute to the preservation of the cultural code of the country, the importance of which was highlighted by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev in his Program Article Looking into the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness.

Chairman of the Board of QazaqGeography Zhana Rustem presented the results for the reporting period. She said that over the past five years, the association has implemented about 60 projects, completed 10 expeditions, published 13 books. Every year since 2015, the Khan Koryk youth festival is held, which has already received international status. Participation in the festival takes not only the youth of Kazakhstan, but also students from near and far abroad.

According to Rustem, since 2018, in the framework of cooperation with Kazakh Tourism National Company JSC, QazaqGeography took part in the project Uly Dala Eline Sayahat. The association conducted expeditions to Ulytau, Kashgaria in the footsteps of Chokan Valikhanov, to the Turgai geoglyphs and the Aral Sea. Expeditions “Kieli Kazakhstan” are held annually in sacred places of our country. GPS-coordinates are established on all expedition routes.

As a result of the expeditions along the Sary-Arka and the New Silk Road routes, new tourist routes were formed, illustrated guidebooks were prepared, a high-quality photo and video bank about natural and historical and cultural sites was created, and information about their condition was updated.

Concluding the work of the Congress, Mamin awarded the winners of the photo contest My Kazakhstan in four thematic categories: Nature, People, Cities and Astana.

In honor of the fifth anniversary of QazaqGeography, active members of the association were also awarded for their contribution to the establishment and development of the organization.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan