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Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Concessional lending for housing: Criteria and conditions


Preferential crediting is intended for lowincome, large, singleparent families and families raising disabled children.

As Zhayymbetov noted, 50 billion tenge will be allocated annually for three years through Housing Construction Savings Bank. This is a total of 18 thousand loans.

We plan that there will be three turns. Then 56 thousand loans will be allocated for 25 years. This amount of loans corresponds to 56 thousand apartments. The interest rate will be 2%. The loan term is 20 years. Down payment � 10%. The state allocated 150 billion tenge for 18 thousand loans, Zhayymbetov informed.

According to him, Jan. 1, 2019, 487 thousand people were in the queue. Of these, socially vulnerable segments of the population are about 220 thousand people. Large, lowincome families � 28,126 people. During the first quarter this number increased by 3 thousand people. Now more than 31,700 people are already in this lineup.

Within 7 years it is planned to build more than 40 thousand rental apartments for waiting lists of akimats. 6 thousand apartments will be introduced annually. There will be a separate queue for mothers with many children and those who received the Altyn Alka, Kumis Alka pendants and the title Motherheroine. They will have the right to first receive rental housing, said Zhayymbetov.

In addition, it is planned to introduce a housing certificate, under which large families will be able to get housing.

We are developing rules for the housing certificate. Within 5 years, 85 billion tenge will be allocated through local executive bodies. Each akimat can allocate funds due to its capabilities. Previously, such funds were allocated under the programs 72025, Nurly Zher for doctors, teachers, police officers, now we recommend that money be allocated to large, incomplete families and families raising disabled children, he concluded.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan