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Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Combination of state and business efforts to promote general welfare

by February 6, 2017 General

“It is now, during the unstable world situation, the words of support by the President of Kazakhstan and indication of the direction in the development of the state is very important for us. In this Address the Head of State emphasized the business, which is very pleasing. Especially I liked the part about the introduction of new technologies because I have an automated production. Also I paid attention to that everything is interconnected in the Address”, S. Izimova said.

For example, in her opinion, the amendments to the Tax code and legislation will have favorable impact on the development of entrepreneurship.

“In the Address the Head of State spoke about the simplification of public services. That’s what we need right now – by this we will be able in a short time to execute documents, all will be in electronic format, without the need for physical presence”, she said.

In the Address the Head of State paid special attention to the development of the construction sector.

“It must become a full driver of the national economy”, N. Nazarbayev said.

So, on behalf of the Leader of the Nation this year begins the implementation of the housing program “Nurly Zher”. Through this project, more than half a million families will receive housing.

The President said in the Address noted the greater role of the PPP.

S. Izimova noted in many areas the private management is much more efficient than the state. And the joint efforts of the state and employers will contribute to the common good.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050