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When the capital is still asleep and the citizens slug in their warm beds, these people are already on their feet. Their working day starts at five in the morning. Exactly at this hour stream of cars leaves “Astana-Tazartu” LLP park and drive around the capital. It is necessary that in the morning garbage containers are empty, and the city remains clean and well-kept …

“Astana-Tazartu” LLP is the largest metropolitan enterprise for collection and transportation of municipal solid waste (MSW), serving 23 out of the 24 sites. The company employs 506 people in two shifts. 57 pieces of equipment collects garbage from our yard day and night.

It is 25 degrees below zero outside. Conditions for work in the open air, putting it mildly, is not the most suitable. However, according to “Astana-Tazartu” workers, unfair citizens cause more problems: they pile up bags of debris in containers (one day someone left 100 (!) of such bags), or put old furniture for public display. This stuff is exported by “Astana-Tazartu”, although it is not their responsibility.

By the way, the penalty for the unauthorized release of such waste is miserable …

Entry to waste containers is the real headache. Not only they are narrow, but also residents cars are often block access to containers. This forces “Astana-Tazartu” workers to drive the same site for 2-3 times. Is it any wonder that citizens often complain that garbage is not taken out in time from their yards?

Work in “Astana Tazartu” is classified as harmful to health. But the danger is not only working conditions (contact with the waste, work in the heat and cold), but also there are such cases that residents attack enterprises workers. Drivers of vehicles parked near the containers often refuse to reposition the car, provoke conflict, sometimes lay into employees of the enterprise. There was even a case when one red hot lady threw brick and broke the glass of special machinery.

“We do not go to the conflict, trying to explain that it is not allowed to park the car near the containers. Someone understands, but others do not”, – complain employees of the company.

Exclusively men are involved in garbage collection. The specifics of the job is that it is important to have not only physical strength but also endurance. Heavy responsibility lies on the driver of a garbage truck – he must be able to maneuver accurately to pass among the parked cars, and sometimes to help workers to unload containers.

“I’m working as garbage truck driver for 12 years. We have to face difficulties in the yards. But I always go out to work with the mood, and when the shift ends and the day goes well, I am happy twice”- said Aydar Telgaziyev, Astana-Tazartu” employee.

In Astana, in average 260 tenge is paid per person for garbage collection. The rate has not changed for five years. The average salary of employees is 165 thousand tenge. At the same time, according to the collective agreement, the workers are provided by a solid benefits package. There are bonuses, vacation, recreation benefits, employees’ children spend their summer holidays in holiday camps. As expected, the employees are given detergents, work clothes. And also they get milk.

There are a lot of positive moments at work. For example, one of the company’s employees found a purse with documents and a large amount of money near the container of the yard.

“When we returned the purse to owner, she literally jumped for joy” – says Chief Inspector of “Astana-Tazartu” LLP in “Almaty” district.

The main award for “Astana-Tazartu LLP staff is that city residents are satisfied with their work.

“Good cleaning, I live in this area for a long time, they come and clean every day. Well done guys, thanks to them it is always clean and nice in courtyard”- shared the opinion the citizen Galina Grebneva.

Capital city AOC do not disregard the work of crews.

“In the morning I go to work, and waste sites are clean already – everyting removed, taken away. When they manage to do it, I do not understand! – smiles Lyubov Primachok, Chairman of the “Akmola” AOC. – For our part, we try to help the guys, talking to car owners to properly park their vehicles”.

“Our company is unique in Kazakhstan, we carry out a full cycle for the collection and transportation of solid waste. Garbage that is collected in the city is transported to waste-processing complex. Every day about 200 travels are made to the plant. And here there is a direct process of sorting, recycling, briquetting, then the burial is made under European technology at the site”- said Ivan Lavrinenko, General Director of “Astana-Tazartu” LLP.

Daily an average of about 700 tons of garbage is collected in Astana. For six years 1 million 200 tons of waste was exported from the capital city.

Source: Akimat of Astana

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