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Civil Initiatives Support Center presented in Astana

by December 3, 2016 General

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan held a briefing for the diplomatic corps with the participation of Minister of Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov and Chairman of the Board of the Civil Initiatives Support Center (CISC) Nurlan Uteshev.

During the event, the foreign diplomats were shown a presentation on the activities of the CISC, which is positioned as a stable and reliable partner in the work on support and development of the civil society of the country. With independence in decision-making on operational, strategic and project activities, the CISC has the ability to mobilize the public and legislative resources to implement its goals.

“We have become a recognized actor in the international politics. Kazakhstan has formed its borders, strengthened the sovereignty, ensured the independence of its domestic and foreign policy decisions, provided the basis for the development of the economy, consistently incorporating the OECD standards. This is the result of our joint work with the civil society, the volumes of which we need only to increase for the realization of the goals and objectives of the Strategy-2050”, Yerlan Idrissov said.

The Minister also paid attention of the diplomatic corps to the increse of the attention that is paid to the quality of the work of the civil society in Kazakhstan, its openness and transparency, and most importantly – the responsibility for country’s future development. With such intent the Civil Initiatives Support Center was established.

In his speech N. Uteshev noted that the CISC was established on the initiative of the Kazakh NGOs taking into account the experience of the countries that are leaders in the field of the civil society development. The main objective of the CISC is to implement Kazakhstan’s development programs in accordance with the objectives set by the Head of State in the “Kazakhstan-2050” Strategy, the universal standards of the UN and OECD standards. The main focus of the CISC is the synergy of cooperation between the NGOs, business, government and the international community to improve the lives of its citizens. He also stressed that today the CISC aims to create a basis for public confidence in the growth and major funders to their activities and to raise funds for grants from all possible sources: institutional (national and international), corporate, government, from the patrons, also through charity events.

Summing up, the Minister urged the participants of the briefing to the partnership and cooperation, which could in the initial stages take the form of pilot projects for the joint work in the field of social development in Kazakhstan.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050