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Chinese company to invest in large enterprise in Akmola rgn

by May 30, 2017 Health

A delegation of the Chinese industrial company Anhui Geyi Biorefineries Industrial Park Limited visited Yessil district, the Regional Communications Service reported.

The total investment amount will be more than 300 million dollars, while the Chinese side will undertake to invest the entire amount of capital investment in this project. In addition, this company will help to create more than 500 new workplaces for the residents of the district.

The designed capacity of the enterprise will allow producing about 10 million tons of organic liquid and solid fertilizers per year. Also, the plant plans to produce 5,000 cubic meters of methane, which will make it possible to produce 120 million kW of electricity and 70,000 tons of biochemical lignin (valuable chemical raw materials used in many industries and medicine) that can be exported to Europe and China, and to ensure the annual production of 20 thousand tons of high-quality paper or 200 thousand tons of cardboard per year, the plant can produce the necessary raw materials – cellulose.

We would like to add that one of the advantages of the project is the environmentally friendly processing of secondary agricultural raw materials and obtaining environmentally friendly electricity.

The opening of the enterprise will favorably affect all spheres of socio-economic development of Yessil district.

It should be noted that the current meeting with the Chinese delegation is the result of preliminary agreements reached during the working visit of Vice-Premier of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov in March to China, where a number of meetings were held with representatives of the business community.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050