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Children’s social support is priority in Kyrgyzstan

by January 26, 2020 Study

As its known, this year will be dedicated not only to the development of regions and the digitalization of the country, but also to the solution of even more important tasks, such as social support and protection of children. Children are the future of any country. When children receive full support from the leadership of the state, which is aimed at obtaining education, legal protection, social security – all this serves as a kind of vector of well-being of the state itself. Therefore, the fact that President Sooronbay Jeenbekov added this paragraph to the existing ones speaks of his farsightedness and sincere concern about the state of affairs.

President Sooronbay Jeenbekov in the first year of his presidency declared 2018 the Year of Regional Development in order to support regional economies, develop local businesses, strengthen monetary and budgetary policies for regional development. Also, the main goal was to reduce internal migration, which negatively affected the institution of the family. In such conditions, our children require additional increased attention from the state. Therefore, this year the head of state has also declared the Year of Support for Children, said Tolgonay Stamalieva, head of the information policy department of the President’s Office.

In the previous two years, the foundations were laid that formed the prerequisites for the further development of the regions. As part of the country’s digitalization, large-scale work has been carried out to increase access to high-quality state and municipal services. The indicated directions remain the priorities of state policy in the current year. Along with them, an important direction of state policy is designated by the Decree � the support for children, especially orphans, children in difficult situations and children with disabilities.

Sociologist, expert at the Center for Political Systems and Social Research, Yuri Obidin, said: President Jeenbekov has been very consistent. This year will be devoted to the problems of children, their security and involvement in the active phase of the life of the state. Yes, there are still problems with the social protection of children and their support at the highest level in many countries of the world. It is important that the initiatives that the head of state directs to the solution of various tasks are not remained on paper. A set of measures should be created that will provide an effective support for solving the set goals. Particular attention should be paid to the education of the younger generation, its involvement in globalization and various civilization processes. Attention should continue to be paid to raising the level of education of children. Actively seek talents in various fields and help talents, achieve even greater success. And of course, we should deal with the solution of the main problem, namely, protecting children from domestic violence, their social security and security, and combating homelessness. Last year, we managed to notice how increased attention was paid to issues of education in the Kyrgyz Republic. Therefore, President Jeenbekov decided to deepen the solution of complex problems in the coming year.

State policy on the development of the country’s regions covers a set of measures aimed at the development of the domestic economy. In particular, the goal is to reduce internal migration, which has an impact on the institution of the family and the level of social protection of children. Given this trend, this year the state will pay special attention to strengthening family traditions in raising the younger generation.

Once again, I want to emphasize that it is important to educate the future generation, as well as the full involvement of society in public life. The fact that President Jeenbekov outlined the task of supporting children in the new year will put an additional burden on social workers. But not only they will be involved in solving the task. It is necessary to conduct seminars, round tables and involve the public, parent committees, so that the work is full-scale. Only in this way this process will affect the younger generation, and with it, the state will see the effect of the work being done. There is a good historical experience, which can partly be borrowed from our common Soviet past. Then the state solved the problem by creating an organization that fully involved young people in interesting processes – this is an active social life, and education through social work, playing sports and more. Many in the 90s ridiculed the idea of a pioneer organization, but now public opinion has changed markedly when problems such as child crime and homelessness came to the fore. In fact, it is interesting to deal with this problem, especially when you begin to see the fruits of your work, the expert emphasized.

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov received Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic Ulukbek Kochkorov. They discussed measures to implement the Decree on declaring 2020 the Year of Regional Development, Digitalization of the country and Support of Children.

Jeenbekov emphasized that in the framework of the Decree, priority should be given to two areas – automation of the process of providing social services and ensuring effective social protection of children and childhood, aimed at supporting the institution of the family.

The head of state drew attention to the importance of developing new mechanisms and methods for supporting socially unprotected categories of citizens, children in difficult situations and with limited health abilities. He noted the importance of improving the quality of services provided and ensuring maximum transparency of the adoption process.

The Minister of Labor and Social Development spoke about the ongoing work on digitalization of the system of social protection of the population and the labour, to support children, including those from socially vulnerable sectors of society. He said that in order to improve the quality, targeting and efficiency of the services provided to the population and work continues on the digitalization of the entire system.

President Jeenbekov, welcoming the active work on automation of the provision of state social services, emphasized the need to further increase the number of social services and the necessary information to the population in electronic format to reduce the financial and time costs of citizens.

By the way, it’s digitalization that will help many who need immediate help to reduce the time they need to receive certain certificates and documents. The transition to a digital model will eliminate the bureaucracy, which is a serious brake, especially in the social sphere, the sociologist noted.

In recent years, President Jeenbekov has set and is setting serious tasks that are aimed at improving the quality of life of the population, transition to a digital format, improving the education system, developing agriculture and other industries. The head of state does not forget about the main thing – about the future of the country, which are children.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency