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Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

Chairman of Aktobe Regional Court S.Abdullah met with residents of Khromtau and Alga districts


Chairman of the Aktobe regional court Saken Abdolla held a street meeting with residents of Khromtau and Alga districts. Akims of district and rural districts, representatives of state and law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, veterans’ councils, youth representatives, businessmen and dancers took part in the meeting.

S.Abdolla explained the aspects of the judicial system modernization and the amendments to the laws during the meetings. The speaker informed the citizens about the Message of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, his program articles and the activities of the Supreme Court. Speaking about the amendments to the laws, he noted about the further humanization of criminal justice, enhancing the protection of property rights, arbitration, judicial load optimization and criminal law. S.Abdulla explained the essence of the reforms on pre-trial settlement of the dispute and the promotion of the activity of the council of dancing. Also, within the framework of the Model Court project, it was said about the creation of front offices on courts, the work of “night” and “family” courts, and the work of judges and assistant assistants in the reconciliation process.

During his working trip to the regions S.Abdulla received residents. Citizens used the opportunity to ask questions directly to the chairman of the regional court and received a response.

During the visit the chairman of the regional court held a seminar-meeting with judges and civil servants to encourage colleagues to adhere to the code of conduct of judges, ethics of public servants, performance, labor discipline and anti-corruption legislation.

At the end of the event, he emphasized that judges and civil servants were required to demonstrate high standards of behavior in order to strengthen citizens’ confidence in the courts.

Source: Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan