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Chairman of Akmola regional court D. Amirov held meetings with residents of six districts in the region

by March 13, 2019 Fun

Doszhan Amirov held visiting meetings with residents in Zerenda, Sandyktau, Atbasar, Zhaksy, Yesil, Zharkain districts. The chairman of the regional court explained the aspects of the judicial system modernization, spoke about the application of the process of reconciliation, the state language and the amendments to the law.

Akims of districts and rural districts, representatives of government agencies, maslikhats, Nur Otan party, representatives of the Atameken Chamber of Commerce, veterans’ councils, prosecutors and police, mediators, lawyers and notaries took part in the meeting.

During the meeting, D. Mr. Amirov also spoke about the President’s Address to the people, the program “Orientation to the future: spiritual revival”, “The sevenfold steppes” and the activities of the Supreme Court. Speaking of the changes in the law, the chairperson outlined his own law and the rule of law, and spoke about the further optimization of the judicial burden and the further humanization of the criminal law. Also, within the framework of the “Good Courts” project there were talked about creation of front offices, “night courts”, “reconciliatory judges”, “assistants of judges” and “family court”.

D. Amirov emphasized that the judges are working to increase public confidence in the courts. He informed about measures to digitize judicial proceedings, highlighting the possibilities and advantages of the trial, noting that in each rural district there will be a “Judicial office”, which will allow to participate in the judicial process through videoconferencing without visiting regional centers. The speaker also talked about ways of resolving disputes through mediation and partying procedures, through the use of bingo services.

The chairman of the regional court handed over certificates to the mediators for active citizenship in the field of mediation.

There are 3 reconstruction centers, 38 mediation offices, over 1,000 mediators and 69 dancing councils. In the two months of the current year, they have reconciled over 70 negotiating disputes with 35 mediating agreements. In 2018, 465 contracts were signed.

D. Amirov said that he would welcome citizens and answer their questions and discuss how to resolve disputes, as well as appeal to higher court cases with judicial acts. The chairman of the regional court listened to more than 60 people and gave detailed answers to all the questions.

Source: Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan