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Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Certificates for new apartments granted to mothers of many children in NurSultan


A hundred and fifty apartments were provided to large families as part of the Berekeli Baspana urban rental housing program. The apartments are issued in two stages. Thus, at the first stage, until June 17, the collection and acceptance of documents is carried out, and from July 15, the settlement of apartments will begin.

The akimat noted that the measures taken will improve the living conditions of lowincome large families, which in general will increase the level of wellbeing and the quality of life.

Recall, there are 46 thousand people today in the queue for housing in the capital, including more than 3,000 large families. The queue consists of citizens belonging to the socially vulnerable category of the population, including mothers of many children, poor citizens, people with disabilities. By the end of this year, about 2 thousand apartments will be issued in the capital.

The families in the queue in the category Large Families need to contact the Communal State Enterprise Housing Fund of the Akimat of the city NurSultan (Koshkarbayev Street, 39), phone: 793450.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan