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Center on Youth Religion Issues appeared in Aktobe region

by April 11, 2017 Legal

According to him, for the purpose of an overpersuasion of followers, and also prophylaxis and prevention of distribution of nonconventional religious trends in Mugalzhar district the Center on Religion Issues among youth and on public relations was recently opened.

“The Center operates under the Internal Policy Department. We work on attraction of good, professional theologians to the institution. A week ago, on behalf of the Governor, I visited Nur-Mubarak University in Almaty, where 53 Aktobe students have been studying. Negotiations were held with them, according to which 2 graduate students expressed their intention to come to work in our center after graduation. In addition to the theologians, psychologists and lawyers will be involved in the Center – only about 15 specialists. It is not easy to return the lost to the right path, but we work on it and I am sure that we will achieve our goals”, – the district Mayor said.

Ye. Danagulov declared that the task to return to traditional Islam not less than 20 followers of nonconventional currents until the end of May of the current year is set, and emphasized that the religious situation in Mugalzhar district remains stable.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050