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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Carsharing of electrocars in Monaco: If electrocar accessible

by July 14, 2017 Fun

Carsharing is among famous concepts around the world and means a short-term rent of a car with a possibility to pay for the minutes or hours used within the city. This service is in a great demand among the local people of Europe as well as among tourists. They are very convenient in use for journeys within the city. If you were in the Principality of Monaco, you would possibly see the citizens or tourists, who use such cars. The project and accessibility of eclectrocars to tourists were told by manager of the Mobee company Nicola Butto.

– Tell more about the Mobee company and how to use an electrocar?

– The project Mobee had started in the middle of 2014. It gives the residents of Monaco an opportunity to use only electrocars. It is the joint initiative of the electric company and the Government of Monaco. The company ensured support in terms of technology, but the Government helped to advance and provide the ease in the project’s realization. The large advantage is that a person pays for the real used time. This is, if you use a car for 2 minutes 12 seconds, you will get a bill for the used time. The payment depends on a person’s plan for a month, on average 20 euros in an hour.

– Is it accessible to tourists and easy in use?

– Nowadays, a tourist has a very unique proposal, you can beforehand rent a car on the website and after you have rented a car you can use it as much as you want. The point is that you do not need to buy a season ticket. You are dared to take or leave a car wherever within Monaco. The main advantage is that parking is absolutely free, that is because of the cooperation with the Government. Let’s imagine that you are near to an underground parking, when a number of your car is being scanned a barrier lifts and you can park the car for free.

To date, there are 25 such electrocars within Monaco. The number of clients is 250 per day. The fact that the country is small should be taken into consideration and 250 is a large number. An electrocar operates only within the Principality of Monaco and we do not intend to spread it to other countries at the moment, but it depends on partnership.

– How to charge an electrocar?

– If you have your battery discharged you have three hours to recharge it. But, the point is, the Principality of Monaco is very small country and it takes 2 or 3 kilometers to drive. In general, an electrocar is designed to drive up to 70 kilometers. In case of an incident, there are many charge equipment on the car parking sites. In practice, we have not encountered with an incident yet.

The electrocar is for 2 people � one sit is for a driver and another is a back sit. The same as with an ordinary car, this type of car is allowed to drive only to the persons over the age of 18.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050