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Capital parks to be lightened by “smart” lamps

by June 1, 2017 World Sports

So, in the area of the capital circus there is an energy-saving system Green Light, which provides the park with lighting.

“Their power is 200 watts, that is, not much less than our usual park lights but they work from 12 volts. Accordingly, their consumption is very small. This significantly saves electricity”, Rustam Kadyrov, a head of the Renewable Energy Sources Project, told.

The lamps are produced in Kazakhstan. The design of new lanterns was designed specifically for capital’s circus.

“The design was made by our order. Our circus looks like a UFO, and these lamps were made in a similar, futuristic style. Design, internal stuffing, technical side – everything was designed and assembled in Kazakhstan”, R. Kadyrov said.

In the near future all the parks of the capital will be equipped with the Green Light systems.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050