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by February 7, 2019 World Sports

“Housing and Utilities of Kazakhstan” JSC and Canadian Black Powder Solutions Inc. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which aims to implement joint projects for the development of municipal services in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The parties will carry out the transfer of advanced technologies and developments, implement practical use on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and consider the possibility of establishing long-term partnerships.

Black Powder Solutions offers water purification technology with magnetic separators installed in piping systems of heat and water. Special filters in the separators remove black powder particles from water (rust, iron oxide). This leads to a slowdown in the tanning process and prolongs the life of pipelines 1.5 to 2 times, improves their efficiency. These technologies are used in the mining and oil and gas industries to purify hydrocarbon raw materials and process liquids.

Roger Simonson, president of Black Powder Solutions, said technology was invented over 18 years ago and is now available in 40 countries:

“We are constantly improving your development. They are used by many enterprises in North and South America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Magnetic filtering technology is environmentally sound and does not adversely affect the environment. We come to Kazakhstan for the first time and hope that in the future we will build a base, which will strengthen our position, expand our business and enter the markets of the neighboring countries, “he said.

According to Adilkhan Omirbayev, the director of the JSC “NC” KazMunayGas “- the member of the Management Board, the first stage is the use of equipment:

“Magnetic separators of Black Powder Solutions will soon be installed on hot and cold water supply routes in Uralsk and Aktau. A few months of study are conducted. If the pilot project gives positive results, it will consider the possibility of implementing the project in other regions and isolating such equipment in Kazakhstan “.

It is worth noting that recently in Astana and Kyzylorda a pilot project on installation and testing of Merus anti-corrosion equipment has been launched to extend and strengthen the heat supply pipelines. The current research has shown a good result – the level of water in the water has dropped by 80%. Meetings with other foreign companies are also held. Work on attracting the most advanced and efficient foreign technologies in the housing and communal services sector is carried out within the framework of implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Kazakhstan” in the field of energy efficiency improvement and development of the national innovation system in the sphere of architecture, urban planning and construction activities.

Source: Ministry of investments and Developments